Car exhaust is harmful to the environment

Car exhaust fumes and pollution is harmful to the environment for many reasons. Lets first take a look at the chemicals found in car exhaust. Some chemical pathogens found in car engine exhaust are Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Suspended particles, and Polycyclic Hydrocarbons. Exhaust fumes from cars are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury or death to people. Carbon Monoxide is one of the main chemicals found in exhaust. Carbon Monixide is regarded as the most common single cause of poisoning to humans. Car exhaust contributes to air pollution and is a major cause for smog in large cities. Studies have been conducted and it was found that in the united kingdom, car exhaust alone is the cause of death of five thousand people each year. In 2011, 52 percent of Carbon Monoxide in the United States was created by mobile vehicles.

Car Exhaust pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. Car exhaust contains greenhouse gasses, which contributes to global warming because the greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere. Some car exhaust pollutants can be deposited on surface waters where the pollutants enter the food chain. These pollutants are harmful to animals and can affect the reproductive, respiratory, immune and neurological systems. Chemicals found in car exhaust such as Nitrogen Oxides and Sulfur Oxides are major contributors to acid rain. Acid rain changes the quantity of hydrogen or PH in waterways and soil. When the waterways and soil are polluted it can harm the organisms that rely on the water or soil.

Smog in big cities is created by car exhaust. Smog in urban areas is created when two chemicals in car exhaust are released into the atmosphere and react with sunlight. Those two chemicals consist of Nitrogen Oxides and Hydrocarbons.

Fine particulate matter is a major concern when speaking of car exhaust and its affects on the environment. Fine particulate matter is made when two or more chemicals combine and create a reaction in the atmosphere. Not only does fine particulate matter affect people and health but it has a major affect on the environment. Fine particulate matter is responsible for corrosion, soiling and damage to vegetation.

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