Electric Cars aren’t clean?

Electric cars are vehicles that do not require gas to be powered. They use a rechargeable battery to power their engines. Some of the top electric cars on the market have some incredible features. The Tesla Model 3 for example, can go 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and can drive 300 miles on a single charge. These cars came into light for one main reason: to reduce the use of fuel to power cars. They do just that. These cars have the ability to never use any gas at all. Due to this, it seems like they are totally reducing the emissions produced from cars.

Well, they are reducing emissions from cars for sure. Cars are the second leading cause of greenhouse pollution in the world. They produce a large amount of harmful emissions every day. However, electric cars may not fix the problem. The leading producer of greenhouse emissions is the burning of coal to generate electricity. Electric cars are powered by this method. What this means, is that although they are reducing the direct pollution from cars, they are increasing the leading cause of pollution.

This is kind of underwhelming news to those who thought electric cars would save the planet. However, there is still hope. As many people know, there are other means of generating rather than burning fuel. If electric cars were to run on for say, solar power, then the emissions would indeed be reduced. The fact of the matter is that electric cars and their creators are doing their best to find a way to reduce pollution. With the advancements already being made, it is reasonable to assume that cars will also find an alternative source of electricity. But for now, electric cars are not necessarily helping the anti-pollution movement, they may make it worse.

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Emily Daniel
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