Will Diesel Vehicles Fade Out As Electric Cars Become More Popular In A Green Economy?

The future of Diesel passenger vehicles is something we can only speculate on. There are good points to diesel and some bad points. Diesel passenger vehicles are more fuel efficient than the gasoline powered ones. Diesel vehicles help shield owners from some of the impact of the oil price spikes that happen. There are also 20 percent of new cars that are diesel.

A downside to diesel vehicles is emissions. Diesel produces more nitrogen compounds, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide and dioxide than gasoline operated vehicles. Even though progress has been made to reduce the sulfur content in diesel fuel there are still some issues concerning emissions control. To some people diesel powered vehicles don’t seem to make sense for light duty vehicles. The gasoline counterparts are starting to have the same turbocharging technology, therefore people are leaning more toward gasoline vehicles.

In Europe they are introducing newer emissions standards which are tougher than previously. These tougher emissions standards require more expensive control systems. There are cleaner alternatives such as hybrid and all electric vehicles. However they are more expensive than gas or diesel vehicles. They are on the high end of the buying spectrum, not popular in the mainstream of buying. This doesn’t make electric or hybrid cars a real threat yet.

The Norwegian parliament wants to ban diesel passenger cars in the future. Most Europeans feel that diesel vehicles will lose momentum as electric cars become more popular. Electric cars sales are climbing due to tax exemptions, free charging stations and parking benefits.

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Carl Michael
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