Will India be All Electric Cars by 2030?

India is taking big steps to make sure that the country will be using electric cars by 2030. According to the energy minister in India, studies have indicated people are embracing electric cars slowly. The majority of people in India rely on small cars and motorbikes for transportation. Because of the high population in India, traffic has always been an issue as there is high demand for motor vehicles to meet the public demand for transport. As a result, having many cars on the streets of India has made the country to be one of the most polluted countries in the world. Therefore, making the country to use electric vehicles by 2030 is a step to reduce pollution in the country.

When it comes to choosing electric vehicles over fuel driven vehicles, there are a couple of things that play out. The price and efficiency of the cars play a big role when it comes to choosing between electric and fuel vehicles. Electric vehicles are more expensive compared to fuel vehicles which make them less attractive to many people in India. Also because electric vehicles have not been popular of late in India, there has been an issue with getting spares parts and technicians to handle the vehicles making people not to fully embrace electric cars. The government and private sector have also not created stations around the country where people driving electric vehicles can stop and recharge their vehicles and access other related services.

Tesla Motors have been of late eyeing the potential in the Indian market in terms of electric cars. Although the company has not yet set up a factory in India, plans are underway to set up a plant in India that will manufacture electric vehicles for local consumption and export. If Tesla succeeds in its plans to venture into the Indian market, the country will realize its dream to reduce pollution and make electric vehicles the choice of people by 2030.

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Carl Michael
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