Could A 7 Passenger GLB Be In The Future For Mercedes?

It is being stated that Mercedes Benz plans on adding to it is compact vehicle lineup in 2019. There have been some speculation as to what exactly what that might be. Word is that there is a huge possibility that the company will unveil a seven passenger version of the Mercedes GLB.

The 2020 Mercedes GLB is said to have a different styling than that of its cousin in the GLA. It is believed that the GLB will be more streamlined and have a more boxed like look. The vehicle is currently having prototypes being tested and there have been some leaking of photos of this testing online. One thing that is being said is that the 2020 Mercedes GLB will utilize a lot of interior space despite its smaller size. It is also being said that the GLB will have three rows of seats but it is not known for certain if the company plans on coming out with the seven seat version that could be sold to consumers in the United States.

Insiders are saying that the 2020 Mercedes GLB would start being sold in the U.S. beginning in the second half of 2019. It is believed that there will be a front wheel and all wheel drive version of the vehicle. Pricing for the 2020 Mercedes GLB is believed to start in the mid $30 thousands.

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