Windmill Wheels and Thomas Pastor

The H Automobile is a hybrid vehicle, powered by hydrogen, electricity and also what seems to be a specific mechanism determined by designer Thomas Pastor. This exceptional arrangement contains small windmills, one in each wheel. When operating on high-speed, the mills are put in movement recharging the H Automobile using power. After the car’s energy is low, you merely need to accelerate a little, and the car is going to be recharged to full potential right away. It’s an advantageous and efficient method to go green in today’s ever polluted world. Its shape is stunning and fully aerodynamic.

The brakes are carefully concealed in the car’s body to decrease noise. Its muscular facet is smoother variant compared to most ‘green’ cars. Unlike most environmentally friendly cars, it is lavish and jazzy at precisely the same moment. The dark red shade, where it is presented, is correctly and carefully chosen to express the H Automobile’s ferocity and wisdom in an accurate, flourished way.

There are a few solar panels in addition to the automobile. Thomas Pastor isn’t a newcomer in this enterprise. He operates in visual effects for the movie industry. He is specialized in bio-mechanical layout, including robotics, eco-vehicles, spaceship and the list will continue. It’s not a complete surprise to see how fantastic the H Automobile ends up being with the talent that it manifests from. It would be utterly foolish not to create it towards western markets. It’s worthy of top Hollywood movies due to it’s incredible, unique design and environmental friendliness.

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Joel Stocksdale
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