Winterize your car the eco friendly way by maximizing fuel economy

We’re heading into the season of cold rain and sloppy snow, when ice builds up on the windshield, salt spreads all over the road, and you let your car idle for ten minutes so that you’ll have heat when you turn on the heater. For shame! There are more eco-friendly ways to handle winter driving.

Whatever you can do to keep your gas milage high is good for the environment and good for you. You would not, after all, want to find yourself out of gas on the side of the road with the wind whipping and the snow falling. So to improve your mileage, start by getting the tires appropriate for the season. A firm grip on the road will help you avoid wasting fuel by having your tires spin on slush. Keep the gas tank half full to prevent a fuel line freeze. Improve your aerodynamics by removing the roof rack. You will also want to remove whatever snow and ice you can, not simply for visibility but also to keep your car streamlined. Make sure to keep the trunk load to a minimum, because hauling more weight means poorer milage. And make sure to monitor your tire pressure. Cold air will deflate your tires somewhat, leading to increased rolling resistance and poorer mileage.

You will do well to follow all of these tips, because the gas stations are getting ready to switch from summer-blend to winter-blend gasoline. Winter blend works better in cold temperatures but it decreases fuel economy. Even with the winter-blend fuel, your engine is going to have a harder time working in temperatures below its ideal. So there’s two ways you’re taking hits to your fuel economy. Do what you can to offset the loss. Keeping your engine happy in the winter will keep you happy.

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