World’s Biggest Ships Create More Pollution Than All The Cars In The World

Ships Create More Pollution Than Cars Do, Who Would Have Thought?

This content is courtesy of James Corbett. He is a professor over at the Unversity of Delaware. He specializes in Marine Policy and his revelations are creating a stir.

“Ship pollution is a big deal when it comes to health concerns regarding coastal and inland areas. Still, no one seems to want to talk about it. What is worse is that ship regulation still is one main area that no one is touching. No is talking about how they can regulate the ships more to cut down on pollution. It is scary”.

How bad can it be though? According to James, it is very bad. There was a study done by the U.K.’s Guardian Newspaper and the results are staggering. One section of the article reports that just one ship can put as much pollution as about 50 million cars or more. To make matters worse, another section reported that 15 ships can put out pollution to match over 700 million cars.

Does the problem lie in the ship itself?

No, according to the Guardian and James it does not. The issue is with the engine. Each engine is putting out over 119,000 in horsepower. Keep in mind that each engine runs nonstop for about 280 days. That is over half a year. This is an incredible amount of energy that is adding a lot of pollution to the air and marine life. These ships rely on a lot of fuel and the regulations are not there to protect animal and plant life.

Is there any good news?

Some. The government is cracking down on this issue more. The U.S. started a new regulation that keeps these ships at least 200 miles away from U.S. shores and coastlines. Other governments around the world are doing the same thing. The U.k. is looking to take similar precautions.

“Only time will tell how these regulations help out our air and sea life. At least people are starting to take notice and that is a good thing. The rest is going to be left up to time and fate”.

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