World’s Largest Car Emissions Polluter Awards Goes To?

In today’s push for more green products, energy, and technology, more and more countries around the world are starting to push for a green agenda. Common pollution problems such as trash and water quality are starting to become the focal points of these governments, but one of the most serious pollution problems that do not receive enough focus one is something that we see every day: car emissions. These car emissions are small at first, but when multiplied by tens of millions of people, these emissions become a disaster for the environment. With the push of electric cars and more regulations on emissions, more car companies and countries are hearing the call to do something about this problem. Here are some of the worlds biggest emission polluters.

The third on the list goes to India. This country is known throughout the world as one of the biggest general polluters. But with hundreds of millions of people, a big portion of their problem is emissions from vehicles. Many health problems are starting in India because of pollution such as smog in its capital.

The second goes to the United States. In recent years the United States has put big dents in car emissions by rewarding people that drive electric cars and more strict regulations. But the change might not be coming fast enough.

The number one biggest emission polluter in the world is China. Millions of people have to wear a cloth over their mouth to go outside for long periods of time. With the biggest population and one of the biggest economic powers of the world, China needs to confront this issue. Waiting for a couple decades will make the problem too late to solve.

New technology is quickly changing the landscape of how we thought about car solutions in the past. Hopefully, we can fix the problem before it is too late.

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