Most polluted city

Being in a polluted confinement is not fun at all. What does it feel like being the world’s most polluted city? It goes without saying that there are a lot of health implications that may accompany such. There may be a school of thought that needs to understand the rationale behind concluding that a city is polluted. The total amount of particulate matter in the air per unit volume defines how polluted a city is. The world health organization constantly documents these readings every year. The organization has also documented about 500 top polluted cities in the world. The organization monitors about three thousand cities around the globe. The mean concentration of particulate matter should be lesser than 2.5 micrometers.

Zabol, Iran has been rated to be a most polluted city in the world. There are intense winds in this city. The intense winds have consequently led huge amounts of dust in the region. Zabol is located on the eastern border of Iran. It borders Afghanistan. This city is largely neglected and ploughed by high poverty levels. The temperature in this highly polluted city may rise up to 40 degrees. High temperatures here are a leading cause of storms and whirlwinds and thus consequent amounts of particulate matter. Improper management of water resources in the city has immensely led the dust levels in the city. Drying rivers and lakes have been attributed to by the lack of regard for implications for environmental disregard. The city is reported to have lost over half a million jobs due to its current state.