Disadvantages of Green Cars

Green cars are becoming quite popular in today’s world. With all of the pollution, people are desperately searching for a way to reduce emissions in cars. Green cars do just that. By reducing or eliminating the amount of gasoline that they burn, they are able to exert much less of the harmful emissions than traditional cars. However this seems great, there are quite a few disadvantages to having a green car. The first is reduction in range capabilities. Although these cars can have a range of about 200 miles or more, it is still much less than some cars can go with a full tank of gas. This can be a problem for people who want to drive long distances. The next downfall to having a green car is that that they offer much less power. People who love powerful muscle cars will not want a green car. Because they focus so much on every preservation, they are simply not very powerful vehicles. The next disadvantage is the cost. Electric cars tend to be much more expensive than regular cars. However, the manufactures have no choice as the batteries can sometimes cost as much as $10,000 itself. Next, is the fact that the batteries are actually producing small amounts of pollution. Thats right, even the purest of cars still put out pollution to the earth. Finally, is the fact that electric-only cars could leave you stranded. Having a car that runs only on electricity could mean that you run out with no available options. Unlike gas stations which are widely available, if you can’t find a charging station when you are running low, you may be left stranded. Overall, these cars are not perfect and definitely have a few flaws. Manufacturers may recognize these flaws and innovate their green vehicles.
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Emily Daniel
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